Trust Your Inner Nudges, Make Peace With Your Emotions

I was lucky enough to get to go to Glastonbury Festival this year.  I thought it was impossible because I don’t have the money to go at the moment and taking time off work would mean a drop in income too – eek!  But the opportunity arose to help out on a stall for a free ticket and I felt an inner nudge to say “yes” and take the risk.

And it totally paid off.  I had been getting more and more overwhelmed by everyday stresses around me and was losing my connection to spirit and to myself.  I wasn’t meditating enough or looking after my energy enough and it made my emotions go up and down all over the place.


I knew intuitively that Coldplay’s performance would be extra special for me and would contain some kind of synchronistic message.  Sure enough, their sacred geometry symbolism and heart-centred songs lifted me out of the stuckness and injected me with enough high energy to connect back with my true self.  And during the performance, “The Guest House” by Rumi was read out, which I posted about here a short while ago.  I knew it was telling me to focus my work on emotions now. Helping people to heal old, stuck emotions dragging them down and to create better, healthier relationships with emotions so that everyone could experience the bliss and joy that I was experiencing during the concert.  My new style of session that I’m practising now is more focused on releasing these old emotions to help clients bring more energy to the present.  So the performance was the much needed “me-time” that my body and soul had been crying out for and a beautiful affirmation of what’s waiting on the other side of all those stuck emotions.

Peace Dome

Glastonbury Peace Dome
Glastonbury Peace Dome

The Peace Dome up by the Stone Circle was the 2nd most healing place for me.  Unable to sleep at night with all the all-night partying going on around, I took myself off to meditate here.  The flame inside the peace dome is one originally lit from the fires after the Hiroshima bombing.  Japan is close to my heart because I lived there for over 9 years and built up and amazing life with amazing friends and coworkers.  I lived in Yokohama but I visited Hiroshima with my best friend and we fell in love with it.  To me, it is the wisest place on Earth in terms of peace.  Humanity’s worst creative expression was unleashed and the atmosphere of the place is one of reverence for life.  It’s a living appeal to end the use of atomic weapons because the consequences have been so painfully experienced and deeply felt.  Unimaginable suffering is caused to all who survive.  And whatever we do to anyone else, we do to ourselves.

And yet, underneath all of our “rational” international policies are centuries of unresolved hurt and failures to forgive and leave the past in the past.  Each of us creates the world we live in with the vibrations we create through our thoughts and emotions, it’s not just politicians and it’s not really fair to blame them alone.  Peace can only be a practical possibility when each of us takes responsibility for the thoughts and feelings that make up our particular vibration and choose to live the conscious journey of transmuting them to live more and more connected lives.  We are more well equipped than ever before with insights, healing modalities, scientific studies and ways to connect en masse.  Once we reach a critical mass of people committed to releasing the past and daring to create better futures, the positive changes will ripple out and inspire the rest to find out where all the health, abundance and happiness is coming from and how they can access it too.

The Peace Dome is a sacred space that invites connection and reflection and to light candles in the dark.  It helped me process and release all the pent-up emotions and brought me back to my authentic self on the other side.  The part of me that truly knows we’re all connected and we’re all sparks of one divine source.

But I believe we mustn’t jump to that place without honouring the past – fully receiving its lessons and allowing the appropriate emotions to flow.  Without this conscious process, we’re by-passing the learning and just ignoring a vital, life-affirming part of ourselves.  And life is so much richer when we embrace the whole of this being human.

🎶 saying it’s true, it’s not what it seems
leave your broken windows open
and in the light just streams
and you get a head, a head full of dreams
you can see the change you wanted
be what you want to be 🎶

  • Coldplay, “A Head Full of Dreams”


Remembering to Relax, Unwind and De-stress!

It can be easy to forget to relax – I know I often forget!  Yet we all know how bad for us pent up stress is.  I asked my Facebook community for their ideas on relaxation and de-stressing and got a fabulous mix of ideas from people from different backgrounds and ways of thinking. I think it’s fascinating!

Why not give something new a try today?

  • hot bath (especially with epsom salts)
  • nice chat to someone
  • walking in woods
  • being on the beach
  • gardening
  • meditation
  • ThetaHealing (a meditative healing technique)
  • listening to music
  • good times with friends
  • laughter
  • travelling (to change the scenery)
  • ditching the technology
  • mindfulness
  • loud music
  • walking
  • relaxation audios
  • dancing
  • being in nature
  • deep breathing
  • visualisation
  • full on belly laughs
  • listen to Deva Primal
  • crafts
  • pets
  • cake!
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • releasing any pent up energy about the stress
  • sitting connected to source in silence
  • being aware of the energy of the earth and heavens
  • sensory deprivation tank
  • yoga class
  • CD of dolphin and whale sounds
  • massage
  • putting together flat pack furniture (personally, I love it but I know it can have anything but a relaxing effect on many people!)
  • busting up pallets
  • giving reiki
  • doing what you love and what you’re good at

If you’d like to try meditation but think it might be too hard, I have easy meditations you can try here for free.

And if you have any more unique or unusual ways to relax and de-stress, I’d love to hear them!

Energy Detoxing for Manifesting Your Highest Vision

Many people know about the Law of Attraction and the idea that what’s happening in our lives is a vibrational match to what’s going on in us.  But the difficulty with this is that a lot of our vibration is set by unconscious thinking pattens and old, stuck emotions waiting to be processed.  The great Swiss Psychiatrist and healer of the soul, Carl Gustav Jung said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

So in terms of the Law of Attraction, if you have a higher vision for your life and it doesn’t seem to be coming about, the chances are that life and your unconscious mind are cooperating to help you bring your unconscious issues into the light.  Once they’re in the light, you have the power to heal and process these issues so that they can stop weighing down your energy and help you vibrate at the level of your vision more and more.

But sometimes this process can feel like you’ve taken a step backwards before you move forwards.  I do warn my clients that even though they may feel great right after a session, they may well then experience emotions like anger or sadness for a short period of time.  It’s like an energy detox.  If you’ve ever tried a detox, you’ll know that as your body processes out the toxins, you can feel a bit off.  But once you’ve let the toxins flow away, your body can balance itself again.  It’s the same with the mind and with your energy.  The trick is to surrender and just let the energy flow.  If you try to resist, you just keep it in place.  If you let it go, it can do its thing and flow on by.

I was reminded of this today because I experienced very high energies last night at a talk that almost completely got rid of the stress and tension that I was holding in my body.  For most of this morning, I continued to feel empowered, free and stress-free but as I continued working, gradually the stress creeped in and then I even started having mild depressive thoughts when I got home.  It was like a longing for that higher vibration and a sadness that I wasn’t already living every day like that.  The main culprit was going on Facebook.  For some reason I was extra sensitive to what people were saying and extra self critical.

Then in a flash I remembered that that lady giving the talk last night said I would experience a lot of detoxing.  And it was like a weight was lifted.  Instead of fighting against the thoughts and emotions, I surrendered to them – knowing that actually it was just old, stuck energy coming into my conscious awareness so they could be acknowledged, processed and released – helping me to get closer and closer to the vibration of my big vision.

And now, I’m feeling more balance.  Someday I do hope to live most of my days at that wonderful high frequency, but for now I’m happy to keep diving deep and letting myself regularly detox.  I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m gradually raising my vibration in a sustainable way.  And safe in the knowledge that I’m practising what I preach to my clients and students.

If you have a sense that you’re moving towards a bigger vision but feel weighed down at the moment, I would love to help you.  Just get in contact using the form below and we can schedule a chat to see if my sessions are the right fit for you now.

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Inner Peace from Emotional Honesty

2 weeks ago I signed up to an online course in tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Psychotherapy) for financial success and personal fulfilment.  I’ve known about tapping for a couple of years but for some reason it’s really resonating with me now.  I’m feeling so much inner peace after I do the tapping exercises and I feel much calmer inside.  It’s also taught me that despite all the inner work I’ve done to raise my vibration, modern life really is stressful and we need to take time to have a daily stress detox.

If you’re not familiar with tapping, it’s basically a fusion of Eastern Medicine and Western Psychology.  You gently tap on certain acupuncture points on the body which represent each of the meridians where the “chi” or “ki” universal energy flows through.  Plus while tapping on these points, you say out loud the thoughts that are bothering you and express the emotions coming up underneath those thoughts.  Here’s a link to The Tapping Solution website where you can find out more.

I love how the tapping process encourages us to be honest about where we are and how we feel as we tap on those acupuncture points.  I’ve always found the truth to hold a lot of power.  Blocking the truth for any reason causes an enormous amount of internal stress and takes our energy systems out of harmony.  But expressing the truth, no matter how awful it may seem at first, allows energy to flow naturally – particularly when we are emotionally honest with ourselves.  Expressing our truth is incredibly healing and the great thing about using tapping as you express the truth is that the gentle tapping is sending calming signals to the brain as well as encouraging the “chi” or “ki” to flow through the body better.  Thoughts and emotions are also made of universal energy, so they need to be restored to natural flow too.  Once we get back to the natural flow, that seemingly awful truth loses its power and we can relax into life more.

Getting in touch with our emotions is a difficult process because as a society, we don’t know what to do with them.  They’re generally seen as “bad” or “good” and it’s a criticism to be “emotional”.  But at the same time many people have an awareness that Emotional Intelligence is a great skill to have.  Emotional Intelligence basically means being conscious of emotions and bringing them into awareness so that appropriate action can be taken.  I’m a highly emotional person and feel others’ emotions too, so for years I struggled with overwhelm from emotions and the energetic charges they hold.  Energy healing practices have helped a lot and so has journalling (where I write out my thoughts and feelings with complete honesty.)  But over time, I just kept getting overwhelmed by other’s “stuff” during the day.  Tapping doesn’t eliminate this – it’s part of modern life.  But it’s proving to be a powerful tool for letting go of that accumulated “stuff” quickly and effectively so I can get back to the real me.

And life is giving plenty of opportunities to see for myself how emotional honesty promotes better connections.  Privately and professionally, emotionally honest conversations have brought about a much deeper level of connection with others.  At the moment, I’m working in a special needs school a few days a week and am really seeing how giving emotions space to be expressed can help so much with connection, cooperation and give students more space for learning.  When our brains aren’t overwhelmed with trying to deal with emotions,  they can relax into learning, creativity and inspiration – much higher cognitive abilities.

Meditation, mindfulness, journalling, inner child work along with tapping are all ways that we can be more emotionally honest in productive, peace-producing ways.  I do wonder whether we could prevent so many tragedies in this world if we taught everyone how to manage and handle emotions in ways that promote connection, authenticity and harmony.

Rest In Peace Dr Wayne Dyer

I’ve been diving into Dr Dyer’s wisdom since his transition at the end of August.  My newsfeed on Facebook was full of his wisdom – beautiful, inspiring quotes and a film of him sharing his wisdom with others (The Shift).

I decided to watch The Shift and what struck me while watching it was just how peaceful and understanding he was.  He understood life’s pressures but also understood and lived greater truths.

It’s my belief that the timing of his passing was no accident.  As many involved in energy healing know, September 2015 is said to be a month of incoming cosmic energies that will enable us to shift our energy to higher states.  And as many energy healers will tell you, these times can be rocky to say the least.  As we shift to higher vibrational states, we need to release the lower states so we can sustain the higher state.  It can cause all kinds of problems – physical symptoms, emotional ups and downs, convulsions, insomnia – the list goes on.  But when we surrender to it, stop fighting and allow the energies to flow through, we can arrive at a greater way of being.  It is like our energy system has been cleaned up and cleared out.

So why is his passing so significant?  Because he is a reminder that the physical world is actually energy and that the more we embrace higher spiritual energies, the more we are allowing love to flow through the whole of our lives.  It also reminds us that all of the physical symptoms and emotional problems are actually problems of the ego (“Edging God Out” to put it in his terms).  The clear-out allows us to release our ego’s grip on our lives and surrender to a greater, more soul-centred way of being.

On top of that, some fascinating insights have come through.  First, Dr Dyer had been diagnosed with leukaemia but he was healed during a healing session with the renowned Brazilian healer, John of God.  Post mortem tests apparently confirmed that he had no trace of leukaemia in his body! Second, according to Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, the date he died was personally significant to him.  He had never met his father and it was on August 30th that he visited his father’s grave and then wrote his book “Your Erroneous Zones” in 14 days, which was a book that changed his life.

If I’m honest, I hadn’t explored his work that much while he was alive, but boy is his work resonating with me now!  And his teachings are adding an extra layer of meaning to my own life and to my healing sessions with clients.

You can watch Dr Dyer’s film “My Greatest Teacher” for free until September 14th via Hay House.