The Soul Song Deep Chakra Balance and Cleanse

Pieces to Peace
Your own unique piece of music in your soul is important to everyone.

When you’re sensitive and caring but you need to be strong, your soul song is your rock.

It guides you, heals you, gently strengthens you and nourishes you.  Your soul song contains all the wisdom, healing energy and insights you could ever need but with the noise of modern life and pressures from family and people at work, it can be so hard to hear it. This programme is designed to bring you back in control of your energy and bring out your true, gentle and authentic power.

Caring, sensitive, empathic people tend to have their energy zapped by people around them.  You’re strong on so many levels, but when others feed off your energy, it’s so hard to keep going until you replenish yourself.

This deep cleansing programme is to help you nurture and care for yourself so you can be the strong person you need to be without getting burnt out.  Whether you need the strength to leave a controlling relationship, get over a painful ending or you have family members depending on you, you need all the energy you can get.  This is what this programme is designed to do.

It’s based on ancient, spiritual wisdom, my own discoveries through my healing journey over the last 14 years and is mixed with modern insights from science to help you step into the energy and focus that you need now.

The Philosophy Behind the Programme

Your soul is the eternal part of you that is connected to God, the creator-of-all-that-is.  Your human self is made up of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.  Ancient wisdom calls these aspects the four elements of earth, water, air and fire.  The more the energy of your soul is flowing through these elements and the more in harmony they are, the stronger, happier, healthier and more aligned you are.

The 4 elements are all represented in your 7 major chakras.  The energy flowing through your chakras forms a system that infuses your body and aura with energy.  When any of these elements are blocked or out of balance, it affects our chakras and weakens our aura.  In relationships, it’s easy for others to feed off the energy in our surrounding aura and to try and control your energy flow for their own gain.  When we allow this to happen, we’re disconnected from the soul and we’re weakened.  Physical diseases, unbalanced emotions, worrying thoughts or a lack of future plans can be the result.

By getting the chakras connected back to our souls and having the soul’s energy flowing through them, we can be energised and improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Programme Outline

Session 1 – Chakra and Energy Balance

We’ll first measure our starting point and find your sacred centre where you’re aligned with your soul’s song.  This is the centre of all of the rest of the work.  You’ll receive a guided meditation to listen to daily as you embark on this healing journey through your energy system.

Session 2 – Air – the mental aspect of the chakras.  

In this session we’ll connect back with your sacred centre and from that space look at your thoughts.  In particular we’ll look at stuck thoughts and beliefs about the particular situation you’re in and shift them to get the air energy moving again.  You’ll learn skills that you can use again and again whenever you feel your thoughts are stuck and draining your energy.

Session 3 – Water – the emotional aspect of the chakras.  

We’ll explore what emotions are coming up for you in your situation and what aspect of your soul song is trying to be heard through them.  Shame, envy, anger, sadness and fear – they all have divine, life affirming and healing gifts for you.  We’ll get underneath them to find the healing wisdom they contain.  My blog post on envy gives you a taster of how powerful this work can be.  You’ll also receive a bonus guide to the key emotions, their meaning and how to let them flow healthily so that you’ll be able to work with your emotions whenever they arise.

Session 4 – Earth – the physical aspect of the chakras.  

We’ll connect with the physical body and tune into its healing, empowering wisdom.  After the scanning the body for areas needing attention, we’ll listen in to their message and get the energy flowing better.  We’ll explore ways your soul song is calling you to move, nourish and nurture your physical body.

Session 5 – Fire – the spiritual aspect of the chakras.

In this session, we’ll use the divine gift of creative imagination to balance the sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies that run through all of the chakras.  We’ll also explore the vision contained in your soul song, so that you can be energised and empowered by the deeper meaning of your life.  Having this deeper meaning will give you the resilience you need for anything that life may throw at you.  You’ll know that any difficulty is simply preparing you for something better and greater in the future.

Session 6 – Assimilation – bringing it all together

In our final session, we’ll bring together all 4 elements and check back in with your chakra system to notice the changes after our deep dive.  Together we’ll agree realistic and sustainable ways for you to stay connected to your soul song so that it can nurture, guide and energise you.

Where will the sessions take place?

All sessions will take place online over Zoom so that they can be recorded and you can review the messages from your intuition whenever you wish.  I may ask some participants for permission to use extracts in an online version of the programme but they will only be used if I have explicit permission.

What’s the Energy Investment?

This programme is the beta testing stage and so is just £222 for all 6 sessions, making it just £37 a session (almost half my usual hourly price).  I’m offering this programme at this rate to develop the ideas for my book on spiritual development after narcissistic relationships.  You don’t have to have been in a narcissistic relationship for this programme to help you as I have a more specialised programme for that, but in any situation where there is relationship strain, this programme will help you get the energy and strength you need to thrive.

Get in touch 

You’ll know if this programme is calling you and I would be absolutely delighted to take you through it.  I know that you have lots of fascinating insights to share and I love to help people explore their inner worlds and bring peace and happiness to them.  If you’d like to know more, please do contact me using the details on the left of this page.

If you’re ready to jump right in and hear the beautiful guidance and wisdom of your soul song, please contact me using the details to the right.  I can’t wait to help you get back to your true, divine power.