Offer a free chapter and/or practical activity as a lead magnet to grow mailing list
Use Facebook ads and boosted videos (with subtitles) to increase the reach of lead magnets to target audience with interest in spirituality, relationships and living a purposeful life (such as creating a business)
Use Facebook page and Instagram to post quote extracts from the book in picture form.
Share blog posts introducing key ideas from the book on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr
Upload vlogs to YouTube on key topics from the book and include subtitles
Share content in appropriate Facebook groups such as business groups, spiritual groups, psychic and healing business groups.

Website, YouTube and Online School- Awareness, Interest, Evaluation and Trial
Purchase “badass spirituality” domain and write weekly blog based on the book
Low Priced Online course to introduce the concepts outlined in the book
Premium Priced Online course to deepen the healing tools outllined in the book and add greater value
Endorsements secured from Penny Power OBE and psychic healing teacher Craig Junjulas
Robert Holden to be approached on 31st January for endorsement

Workshops, Speaking, and Webinars – Trial and evaluation
Run collaborative workshops with other professionals to reach a wider audience, such as with Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Marketing experts and divorce lawyers.
Yoga and Healing Workshop with yoga teacher Lesley Wilson
Marketing and marketing mindset workshops with Award Winning Watertight marketing accredited consultant, Kara Stanford (pending approval by Watertight Marketing creator, Bryony Thomas)
Dating workshop with Body Confidence coach and author of ‘The Little Book of Body Confidence” Judi Craddock
Understanding and Dealing with Narcissism workshop with Divorce consultant and author of “Dealing with Divorce” Diana Jordan and also divorce lawyers and mediators in the Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men network

The Sacred Messenger (Photo by James Hammond on Unsplash)

Deer – the sacred messenger