I’m in the process of getting these links working with Amazon but I’m afraid it’s taking time.  They are all great resources for spiritual development, but the links aren’t working at the moment!

In the meantime, my own resources that I’m creating to help you are here.


The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren is the book I recommend to practically every client and many others in healing and development.  Her fabulous website is here and her online course on emotions is accessible here.

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss is a fascinating look at how our current lives can be affected by past lives and in an excellent introduction to the philosophy behind the idea of past lives.  Learning to see life in this way is very healing in itself.

A Walk With A White Bushman is an extended conversation between author Sir Laurens van der Post and Jean-Marc Pottiez about his incredible experiences, his friendship with Dr. Carl Jung and his philosophies on life.  After I had my spiritual awakening (or mental breakdown!) this is the book that helped me begin to make sense of it and put my life back together in a much better way.

The Celestine Prophecy series by James Redfield was the start of a real shift for me and provided a guide to living spiritually but in a practical, day-to-day sense.  For me, this book shifted me from a pessimistic, depressed state following my “awakening” and the death of my father, to a much more positive, optimistic state with hope that it is possible to create a better future for humanity.  It is also the book that first showed me the link between childhood experiences and how we interact with others as adults.

Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal is an exploration and explanation of this powerful energy healing modality.  All participants on ThetaHealing practitioner training courses are given this book to help deepen their understanding of it.

Recovery of Your Inner Child by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D. is a wonderful book for getting back in touch with your natural creativity, releasing trapped emotions from childhood and tapping into your inner wisdom.  The most popular activities in my Inner Child Healing workshops are from this book.


The Shadow Effect is a documentary exploring how The Shadow archetype can trip us up and sabotage our best intents, and what we can do about it.

What The Bleep Do We Know? is a fascinating look at the endless possibilities for our lives.  It explores principles from quantum physics and how we might apply them in our lives to open up our consciousness.  It’s pretty mind-bending stuff!

Oracle Cards

Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Linn are the cards I most often use in card readings and for my own guidance.  Denise is an amazing teacher who puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does.  I trained with her and her resources took my intuitive skills to another level.

The Gateway Oracle Cards are another deck by Denise Linn.  These provide a little more detailed information than the Soul Coaching deck and so these 2 decks complement each other beautifully.

The Soul’s Journey Oracle Cards by James Van Praagh are a beautiful, mandala-inspired deck of cards that can help you uncover the higher spiritual lessons of what you’re experiencing now.

The Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno is a beautiful, delicate deck with lovely, empowering messages in the accompanying guidebook as well as affirmations.

The Tarot of Vampires by Ian Daniels is quite a dark deck but I love it!  I find the messages quite deep and honest.  The rich imagery sparks the imagination and the accompanying book is very detailed and full of wisdom.