Create Space to Sparkle – Online Group Healing and Meditation Programme

Space to Sparkle Programme

Space to Sparkle is a 6 week group healing programme designed to help you create space to connect with your inner Sparkle. If you struggle to create space to meditate and connect with your true self, and yet you KNOW that looking after your energy benefits every other area of your life AND lifts your vibration, this programme is for you!

During the 6 weeks, you’ll
– let go of stresses and worries and trust in receiving the solutions you need
– be kinder to yourself so you’re less critical of yourself
– connect with your inner child and give her/him what s/he needs to be happy and joyful and feel supported
– balance your masculine and feminine energies
– use oracle or tarot cards to help draw out the wisdom you already know
– receive the soul gifts your parents (or parental figures) gave you and let go of what you don’t need from them any more so your inner child feels safe and supported and ready to use her creativity and imagination to the max!
– create the optimum inner space for your inner child to thrive
– learn to work with your emotions and use them for healing and boosting your intuition
– learn tools and techniques you can continue to use yourself

We’ll do live group healing calls together, plus you’ll have fun worksheets and a private (secret) Facebook group for support, encouragement and sharing – and to make new friends.

Launching fully in January 2018 for £333, this beta tester programme is on a “pay what feels good” basis.

Email me using the link to the left to book your place or find out more. <3