Your Soul’s Vision

Do You Wish Your Life Had More Sparkle?

Do you yearn for more fun and enjoyment?

Do you want to help create a better world?

Do you feel you have a purpose but it eludes you at the moment?

Then this programme is for you!

You were born for a reason and your life has a purpose.  Finding meaning and purpose in life can be a powerful way to shift our energy and live more fulfilled lives.  But it’s not always easy to easy to see it on our own.

Life is rich in wisdom but it’s ways of communicating require the heart and not the head to understand them.  Seeing life through the heart’s perspective connects us more with our souls – that elusive spark of a greater divine energy.   Through the heart we can free ourselves from the small, fearful versions of ourselves and embrace the magnificent, radiant versions of ourselves.  This is who we REALLY are.

I’ll help you get out of your head and into your heart.  During the 5 sessions, you’ll connect with spiritual guidance through oracle cards and you’ll also learn how to read them for yourself with my support.  This helps build your intuition and trust it more.  Based on what the cards reveal, we’ll use various tools such as visualisation, coaching questions and ThetaHealing to let go of baggage you no longer need and help you feel lighter and more fulfilled in your life


Jacqui McGinn
Jacqui McGinn

The Sessions Have Helped Other Clients to:

  • Find value, significance and meaning in past and present challenges
  • Reconnect with the real reasons for following a dream
  • Feel better about life as it now through empowering perspectives
  • Feel lighter and enjoy all the good things happening now

What you’ll get:

  • 5 one hour sessions via Skype at a pace that suits you
  • A safe, sacred space where you heart and Inner Child feel safe and supported
  • Oracle card readings that will empower you to listen to your own intuition as well as receive spiritual guidance through me
  • Coaching to help you find more empowering perspectives and tap deeper into your own infinite wisdom
  • Insights into spiritual teachings that can help you stay centred in your heart more regardless of what happens in your life
  • Healing to help make deeper shifts, restore more flow and release stuck energy from the past that’s making your energy denser
  • Special visualisations to help you understand yourself better and get clearer on your heart’s visions
  • Recommendations for books, courses or films that can help you expand even more
  • Worksheets and meditations to explore at home between sessions
  • Email access for support with any blips that happen between sessions (this is quite usual with healing work!)

Email me at or call 07794975304 for a chat about whether this is right for you now.

If it IS right for you, your intuition will be giving you a nudge and you will probably experience synchronicity telling you to go for it.  And I would absolutely love to help you!


With love

Jacqui xxx