Connect With Your Inner Child

Beyond Adult Colouring – Connect With Your Inner Child

Sunday 20th March, 2016

The popularity of adult colouring books is showing our need to connect with the Inner Child to de-stress and unplug from hectic modern life. This workshop takes you much, much further to bring about greater happiness and vitality in your life.

The Inner Child is the bridge betweent the ego (who the world told us we are) and the soul (who we really are). Connecting with your Inner Child can bring greater vitality, visualisation powers and creativity to help you take your life to the next level while enjoying what is happening right now. Your Inner Child can help you draw out your authentic self to live a more meaningful life in alignment with who you were before the world told you who you should be. And most of all, Your Inner Child helps to bring back more fun and enjoyment to your everyday life!

In this rejuvenating and fun 1 day workshop, you will:
– chat about on your favourite childhood memories with other participants to help everyone feel connected, safe and supported
– use special writing and drawing techniques to bring through the wisdom of your Inner Child
– do easy meditations to help create bigger, juicier visions for your future with the help of your Inner Child
– use a special visualisation technique to draw out advice and guidance from your Inner Child on how to improve your life now
– create your own Oracle Cards to help your Inner Child remind you of what’s important to your vitality
– experience ThetaHealing to help strengthen the connection between your conscious mind, your Inner Child’s wisdom and your soul (your truest self)

Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire
Investment: £50 (including light lunch)

To book, contact Jacqui on or call 07794975304