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Hello and welcome to my site. 

If you’re a truth seeker and love learning new perspectives, but hate being duped or manipulated we could be a good fit.  My approach to healing is to help you understand yourself and your truth, so that you can free yourself from suffering and self-doubt, and realise that you’re a vital piece of a bigger peace unfolding on Earth.  . 

Many of my clients have been involved with controlling or narcissistic people.  Their confidence has been shaken.  They doubt themselves and have even questioned their sanity.  They’ve buried parts of themselves to cope with the intense stress.

I can help to recover the lost parts and pieces of themselves to feel more peaceful and gently confident.  Story writing helps to put challenging experiences into a wider context and see a deeper unfolding plan for your life.  Great stories are always about transformation.

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About ME

I’m Jacqui – a qualified hypnotherapist, energy worker, speaker and writer.  I offer online 1-1 sessions and learning programmes to help open-minded truth seekers experience more peace, confidence and freedom to be truly themselves in their work and relationships.

In 2003, I experienced a traumatic breakdown that took me to the edges of sanity.  My mind felt shattered to pieces.  My immediate goal was to find out how it happened, so I could stop others going through the same.  But what I learned was that there is a rich inner world of intelligence and wisdom that is always trying to help us.  It reveals itself in spaces of calm, compassion and curiosity where we can tell the truth.

I work with empathic, intuitive and self-aware small business owners who’ve been taken to the edges of sanity themselves - usually from bullying, narcissistic or controlling relationships.  Using a combination of energy work, hypnotherapy, journaling and story writing.  I hold a compassionate space to help the natural healing wisdom within reveal itself.

What Is Energy Work?

Subtle energies flow in and around your body and are said to be closely linked to the nervous system.   They can affect body, mind, emotions and spirit.  When they can’t flow properly, you can feel constricted, held back and tired.  But when they’re flowing freely you can feel gently peaceful and energised.  Energy Work is about getting these energies back into flow.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a way of accessing the root of our problems, emotions and behaviours held in the mind’s powerhouse – the subconscious mind.  The first job of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe physically and emotionally, so throughout your life, it has created protection mechanisms in response to your experiences.  Often these mechanisms are outdated and restrictive, so it’s like running an iPhone 14 on iPhone 3 software.

Hypnotherapy can help to update the software and debug the individual apps so that it all works more efficiently and frees up your energy for the things you want to do.  

Get the guide “6 Insights to Alchemise shame & Tell your story”

Insights and journaling prompts to soften shame so you can begin telling your story – and inspiring others with it. 


“Wear waterproof mascara” the sign in our school said.  I was working at a special right brain education school in Yokohama, Japan.  Every now there were workshops for the parents that we had to go too.  I didn’t take the sign seriously and didn’t really......

What follows is a piece of stream-of-consciousness writing that came through on 8th May 2022.  In some places it darts about.  There’s repetition and probably mistakes, but the clarity and power of the ideas within it made me want to share it as it is. ......